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Never before has a product been so hotly anticipated! GoGoGear Protective Leggings can be used as a base layer under other garments for extra protection against abrasion. Like all GoGo Gear products, they are designed to look like regular fashion leggings but offer the protection of Dupont Kevlar® abrasion resistant fibers and CE-approved removable and adjustable knee protectors.



1. Measure all the way around the widest part of your hips and rear end

2. Take that number and compare against the size chart below to find the size that matches or is closest to your measurement

3. If you consider yourself to have a "flat" rear end, go with the size listed. If you have a "curvy" or "extra" in the rear, go one size up.

If you have ANY questions about sizing or aren't sure, please email desiree@scooter-girls.com so we can be sure we send you the size that makes the most sense for you! 

NOTE: GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings are not sized consistent with typical apparel sizing. As such, we want to be clear that we are VERY serious about the need for our customers to measure themselves before ordering. Our new exchange policy is as follows:

GoGo Gear pays discounted shipping on the initial purchase. All exchanges and returns are the responsibility of the customer. PLEASE SELECT YOUR SIZE CAREFULLY. If in doubt, just email us at: customerservice@gogogearla.net. It is our pleasure to assist you in selecting the best fit.




SIZE            2           4           6           8          10           12          14           16          18          20         22          24
WAIST 16 20 24 27 33 35 38 41 46 47.5 49 50.5
UPPER HIP           27           28           30            33           35           38           42           45       48.5          50       51.5         53
LOWER HIP 29 31 32 34 38 40 44 47 50.5 52 53.5 55
INSEAM 28 29.5 30.25 30.5 30.5 30.75 31 31.5 31.5 30 30 30
LEG OPENING          8           8         9        9.5     10    10.5    11     11     12     12.5     12.5        13




Fabric Outer Layer: 100% Abrasion Resistant Polyester Cotton Fabric with 5% Spandex

Fabric Inner Layer: 100% Made Of DuPont Kevlar® Fibers, 275gsm Weight, 95% Kevlar with 5% Spandex

Fabric Inside Protector Pockets: Polyester Cotton Jersey

CE-Approved Removable, Adjustable Knee Protector Pads (Level 1)

Inside Pockets for Hip Protectors (protectors not included) See below for links to where you can purchase the hip protector pads separately

Two Outside Front Pockets

Ribbed Decorative Detail on Knees

Machine Washable


To purchase hip protector pads separately, you can select from any of the following as each will fit the pockets in the GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings.

Here are links to where you can get each of them:






Wash in COLD water with mild detergent. Hang to dry OR dry on the AIR setting. You do NOT need to remove the protectors when washing the garment. Use Woolite Darks for washing if possible to retain the dark black color. As with all dark fabrics, fading may occur. If fading occurs, use Rit-Dye Fabric Dye to help restore the garment to its original color.


We can ship to virtually any address in the world. GoGo Gear may offer a shipping promotion at their discretion. Outside of the promotion period, customers pay the initial shipping cost on orders, and any shipping costs associated with returns or exchanges, unless the item is defective, damaged or incorrect before you receive it.


International orders are generally processed through the US Postal Service.  Shipping costs are estimated based on weight and the destination country and generally arrive within two-three weeks of order shipment.  If you require a faster delivery, please contact us for shipping estimates.  International customers should note that they may be responsible for paying any duties or customs tariffs assessed by the destination country customs authorities. Generally, you will receive a notice from your local delivery service if there are import fees associated with the import of your GoGoGear merchandise. GoGoGear makes no representations as to whether there will be import duties or the cost of those duties.  No refunds or exchanges will be permitted if a customer fails to pay duties or fails to accept delivery of the merchandise. Customers will NOT be reimbursed for customs duties or taxes if incurred.

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GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings - this is a demonstration video for how to put on the GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings. www.gogogearla.com www.facebook.com/gogogearla

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    GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings - this is a demonstration video for ...

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Product Reviews

  1. Safety Never Looked and Felt So Good!

    Posted by Wendy on 1st Oct 2016

    Thank you for designing and making these pants. I am 5'10" 150 lbs. size 10 pants. I ordered the 12's and had to return them because they weren't able to go beyond my 41 hips. I returned them and received my exchanged pair today! The 14's fit my 41/38 hips perfectly. My 33 inch legs are a tad long for them but with my socks and boots there won't be any problem. They look good enough to wear to work in my CAR! Anyway, I thought it might be helpful for me to let tall women know about the size that I ended up with.

  2. They tick all the boxes

    Posted by Julie on 9th Sep 2016

    An excellent fitting, flattering, highly protective, well made and a well thought out trouser.. They are super comfortable and flexible. I always wear leather for protection which I feel secure in, so to find an alternative that is less bulky and not 'robo cop style' is fantastic. I will recommend to fellow lady riders :)

  3. The most comfortable piece of motorcycle clothing I have ever owned (and they look fantastic on too)!

    Posted by Customer in UK on 7th Sep 2016

    Thank you for your fantastic customer service, the leggings arrived the next day. I wore them for the first time last weekend and I can honestly say they are the most comfortable piece of motorcycle clothing I have ever owned, and they look fantastic on too. I am 5ft 11" tall and was worried they would be too way short as I have a 34" inside leg. They finish just above my ankle which suits me fine as I always tuck into my boots and end up rolling up longer leg wear so it doesn't rub my bony ankles. Coincidentally, on their first time out I met one other lady rider and she had a pair too, and said she plans to buy some more!

  4. So good!

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2016

    I'm heading out on my first long-distance motorcycle trip—2,500 miles around the west coast. So I knew it was time to finally invest in some proper gear, including trading out my everyday jeans. All of the pants I found were either unflattering, less safe, or out of price range.

    These leggings are really the best you can get for the price, the style, and for having some real protection with the abrasion resistance and CE knee armor. I actually LIKE how they look on, which means I'm also more likely to wear them for shorter stints too.

    I was worried about ordering the incorrect size, but I measured and looked at the chart, and they fit perfect. I am 5'3", 115 pounds, and typically a size 3 to 5 US, and the size 8 leggings fit great.

  5. These are exceptional!

    Posted by Customer in Australia on 29th Aug 2016

    I recently purchased a pair of Kevlar Leggings. Wow! What a great product. I have had so much trouble trying to find a pair of bike pants that fit perfectly. These are exceptional – fit perfect and very comfortable. I have 4 pairs of expensive jeans (Kevlar) – none of which I could get to fit in the waist. So happy these fit everywhere and do not require a belt. Many thanks for solving my problem!

  6. Comfy look great and safe. Fab x

    Posted by Jane on 29th Aug 2016

    Super service comfy look great safe. Read and measure yourself as per guidelines you can't go wrong Have waited and dreamt about a product like this.

  7. Amazing

    Posted by Anna on 17th Aug 2016

    Quite new to the biking world and being a curvy UK 18 and only 5ft 4 inches was struggling terribly to find a comfy pair of trousers. These leggings are just amazing. Really easy to get on and off, the knee protectors stay in place brilliantly and the length is perfect. Don't hesitate in ordering this product. They really are great. My husband is totally jealous how comfortable they are. Service and delivery excellent too.

  8. Just awesome for plus size!

    Posted by Kim on 10th Aug 2016

    What a great pair of riding Kevlar Leggings! I ordered mine with the help of Desiree (you're awesome!) I am a size 24 US and ordered a 26 because of a big 'booty' ;) and they came in quick....I live in the Netherlands (Europe) and they fit great. Love them so much can't wait to go ride in them! Thanks GoGoGearLA definitely have a new client for the future! So happy!

  9. Omg!!! Your Kevlar leggings saved my ass - literally!!

    Posted by Michelle on 1st Aug 2016

    Omg!!! Your Kevlar leggings saved my ass - literally!! I slid like 25 feet after getting hit, and there's not a scratch on them or me!!! I would love some extra padding on the hips, that would be my only feedback. I am so thankful I was wearing them!! Only minor bruising. Thank you, thank you!!!!

  10. Another satisfied customer

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2016

    My partner loves her pants. They just arrived 20 minutes ago, and fit her like a glove, due to your direction. I am wearing a pair of RevIt! jeans, (about to head out for a ride) and your pants pack better knee protection at about a 30% savings. Pretty incredible product, Arlene and Desiree. I expect to see more of your products sold through resellers like Revzilla and the lot. Please keep up the great work!

  11. Flattering and feminine

    Posted by Lisa on 29th Jul 2016

    They arrived yesterday and made me smile on first touch. Perfect weight for concealing imperfections at the same time having a form fitting comfortable stretch. At 5 feet 1, I usually wear 12 petite. Purchased size 14 to accommodate the curves per sizing recommendations and they fit without bagging or sagging. The excess length easily and comfortably disappears when tucked in boots. The knee protectors stay right where you put them and do not hang low on shorter frames. There are no inside seams to rub or chafe and the double seams are beautifully sewn. They were worn today for approximately 50 miles in 90 degree sunshine and I was not sweaty when taking them off i.e. they breathe! I couldn't be happier with these high end protective leggings!

  12. Six hours on hottest day of the year, really comfy!

    Posted by Tracey - UK on 19th Jul 2016

    My GoGo leggings arrived yesterday, so wore them today for the first time. Can honestly say after wearing them for over six hours on the hottest day of the year so far that they are really comfy. Very impressed. I'm size 12 and ordered US size 12 and they fit perfectly.

  13. Another Customer Crash Report!

    Posted by ARLENE BATTISHILL on 5th Jul 2016

    Big thank you to Go Go Gear for saving my skin. After getting a flat on I90 heading into buffalo I went down doing about 50 onto the grass shoulder. I was up and walking thanks to my full riding gear. Not one scratch or fracture n my gear is still intact. Just a little grass stained. So glad I bought this gear for my trip to Canada. Won't be riding without full gear ever again. Thank you

  14. OMG! They are amazing!

    Posted by Crystal on 29th Jun 2016

    Arlene!!!! I just received my leggings and OhMyGoodness they are amazing! They are comfortable and have pockets and even my butt looks great in them! Sorry for all the exclamation marks but I'm blown away with how great these are! Thank you so much for having the vision to create these. I can't wait to ride in them looking good and most importantly, knowing I'm protected!


    Posted by Lisa on 29th Jun 2016

    I just wanted to thank you for such an incredible product! I've been riding in my GoGo Leggings since March and unfortunately had a 30mph low side this weekend. My leggings were my saving grace! I have two small spots of rash on my knees from the knee protection shifting on my skin. The outer legging tore slightly on the knee but the kevlar is still intact! The initial impact was on my knee but I then slid on my hip. If I wasn't wearing my leggings I would have had road rash all over my booty, hip, thighs and knee. Thank you again, I will be wearing GoGo Leggings every time ride!

  16. Run small, but awesome when you get the right size

    Posted by Monika K on 23rd Jun 2016

    Just some background on my size.. I normally wear a size 4 in women's fashion and a 7 or 9 in junior's fashion. I have a pear shape, so wider hips and butt, with fairly slender/average legs. My waist/bum when measured at the widest point was around 39", corresponding to a size 10. I originally made the mistake of opting for a size 8, misled by the large number corresponding with 39". However, the size 8 was way too tight. I have a bit of a booty, and they were very tight around the booty, knees, and very difficult to put on in general. Thankfully, I got to exchange these for a size 12, and they fit great! I opted for a size 12 because I also got hip pads that added around an inch to the waist and wanted to make sure the knees weren't too tight on me. Since you are only able to get one exchange without being charged (and you have to pay to send your original ones - around $10 only), I wanted to make sure the size 10 wouldn't be too tight. The waist is a little bit loose, but I can just use a belt for that. Other than that, they fit great around my butt and knees and are easy to move around in and fairly comfortable. I like that they come with the knee pads - although I might upgrade to higher protection ones in the future potentially - these cover the front of your kneecap and part of your shin, but they don't wrap around the sides of your knee. Still, really comfortable. I feel like this is the best option for us ladies for motorcycle gear, as even ladies motorcycle pants seemed to have embarrassing/pitiful levels of protection compared to the men's. These have excellent protection on the entire leg (unlike most biking pants, even men's) and knee pads that come with them. I got additional hip pads from revzilla (Forcefield 4-Layer Hip Protection), which are pretty bulky, so I'm glad I sized two sizes up. If you are not getting hip pads, and have similar or smaller measurements, a size 10 might work. For me, I'd rather have a little more space to move around in comfortably, than having limited movement from leggings that are too tight. For me, the size 12 still hugs my curves, but allows me enough mobility to move easily. Shout out to the GoGo Gear crew for helping me with my return and being helpful along the way - the only thing I can say is that it took a little while to come full circle with the exchange process, but I was in no rush, so it was fine. I wasted some time being indecisive about which size to get. Like the instructions say, if you've got a booty, size up!

  17. Saved my legs from serious damage and road burn!

    Posted by Lyndsey from Ireland on 3rd Jun 2016

    I high sided, came out over the bars and landed on my head and shoulder. I slid on my right knee along gravel. Lucky for me I was knocked out cold! I was lucky to escape with bruising and a concussion. I can't thank you enough for making such fab leggings, without a doubt they saved my legs from serious damage and road burn.

  18. The only riding pants that actually fit me!

    Posted by Sara on 9th May 2016

    For reference I'm 5'3" 109lbs with a 24" waist and 36" hips. I found the size 6 fit me the best and man do they look good! I, (like all other women riders) have had the worst time trying to find riding pants that look good, fit great and offer all the protection I want.

    As a clothing designer myself I was totally shocked at how bad the fit was for a lot of big name brand motorcycle gear for women! Thank the stars for GOGO Gear! Their leggings not only fit like a dream, they are quality made and have all the protection I could ask for. Your customer service is excellent and goes above and beyond to make sure your customers are happy.

    You ladies scored a home run!!! Keep it up and thank you for offering a product that's for women by women!

  19. Wear the first pair so much, I need another!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2016

    I ordered my first pair in the middle of winter, fed up with overpants that either didn't fit my hips (women's in general) or were so long I had to pin them up (men's). So quick and easy. Rain pants fit right over without a snag, tights or thermals underneath in the cold rain (I commute year round in the Pacific Northwest). I work a desk job but don't bother to remove the knee pads anymore: they're just that unnoticeable. Can't beat the general comfort on the bike, either. Haven't been down in them and hope never to, but I'm confident they'll save me the road rash.

    There's some sense of satisfaction in the surprise of other riders with how much these don't look like standard riding gear. And to agree with another reviewer, they look quite decent on even a plus-sized rider.

    Ordering a second pair, seeing as I've been wearing the first 5-6 days a week for at least the past 3 months! I'll have one available while the other is drying.


    Posted by CUPCAKE on 6th May 2016

    Excellent customer service I am a big girl and very curvaceous these pants to the job they feel very safe expand and go type what you need them unbelievable help finally someone can come up with something so amazing thank you again for everything even helping me with the sizing awesome pants

  21. OhMyGoodness!!!!

    Posted by C. - Toronto, Canada on 22nd Apr 2016

    I just received my leggings and OhMyGoodness they are amazing!
    They are comfortable and have pockets and even my butt looks great in them!
    Sorry for all the exclamation marks but I'm blown away with how great these are!
    Thank you so much for having the vision to create these. I can't wait to ride in them looking good and most importantly, knowing I'm protected!

  22. most bang for the buck and best fit!

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Mar 2016

    I am writing as a shorter woman who has completely struck out trying to find anything ready-to-wear that wouldn't require complete re-building to fit, AND with as much kevlar coverage/armor options AND for less than 200+ dollars AND that didn't create a huge amount of bulk between my leg and the bike AND that I could put my leather or a waterproof layer over and still be able to feel what's going on. Substantial weight to both the kevlar layer and the outer fabric layer which gives these a very reinforced feel. I am 4'11" and have a barely 29" inseam and a just over 34" hip. For me the size 4 is the tightest I could wear AND that had knees in the best spot. A size 6 could work too, but overall there was more ease and waist a little looser than desired. I should mention that there are belt loops on these. Based on recent try-ons, I doubt I could get into a size 2 but that is not unusual for my body shape. Desiree was great to communicate with and helped me re-organize my original order to adjust for the sizes best to try. I WILL have to take up a generous inch on the hem to not have to fold up around the ankle but that is of no consequence. I can already tell that these leggings will solve many function/comfort/feel problems I discovered last year. All while keeping armor in place and without interference. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS BEAUTIFULLY EFFICIENT GARMENT TO MARKET!

  23. I cannot thank you and the company enough

    Posted by Kalynn on 11th Mar 2016

    I just got the size 6 and they are perfect ! I cannot thank you and the company enough for all the time and effort you have put into making my experience perfect. I will definitely be showing the pants off when I go riding this weekend; I might even have to go back to bike week just so I can wear them on a long ride. Thank you again and I look forward to purchasing more gear from your company.

  24. Riding Pants That Protect AND *gasp* Fit!!

    Posted by Suzanne on 2nd Mar 2016

    Need I say more? Okay, I will...

    Got my leggings in late May 2015 and put about 11,000 kms on them before having to park for the winter in early November. I have never had riding pants that were this comfy and durable - Best.Pants.Ever. Only reason I may replace them this year is that they've faded a fair amount and it would be nice to have black ones again :-)

    Added bonus - if it's a million degrees out, soak the thighs down at each gas stop and they work like a cooling vest. A little squishy, but if you're putting on the km's all day in over 90 degree and hotter weather? Instant air conditioning and the difference between "too hot to ride" and "not" (although as a Canadian my "too hot" threshold might be a bit lower than some)!

  25. Love my Kevlar leggings!!

    Posted by Kathryn on 13th Feb 2016

    I had to order these leggings when I saw them! Riding in just jeans is comfortable, but not the safest, but most armored pants arent made well or cut well for women. Especially if you have a butt! These leggings fit perfect, and come up high enough in back that your butt will never hang out while in a riding position. Comfortable enough to hang out in. Don't hesitate on these babies, totally worth every penny!

  26. I crashed in these Kevlar leggings - they saved my knee!

    Posted by A. Oakland, CA on 8th Oct 2015

    Hi GoGo Gear! I just wanted to share this photo... I was in a bad motorcycle accident on Sunday where I went down in some twisties at 45mph. The first thing to hit the ground was my left knee, then I tumbled about 15-20 feet. I ended up breaking my clavicle clean in two, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU because these leggings SAVED my knee! I got a little skid inside and some bruising/swelling, but I know for sure that my knee would have been busted open and broken if I didn't have them on. I was so sad when the volunteer EMT told me they were going to cut them off of me in the ambulance while I was strapped to the board, but guess what? Because of the Kevlar they only made it about 2 inches before giving up so I'm going to just repair them instead. My knee and my skin are very grateful!

  27. The best riding pants I've found!

    Posted by Natalie on 18th Sep 2015

    These leggings are seriously the best riding pants I've found. I've done a lot of research and have always leaned towards the gear with the most protection. I had some Olympia Kevlar three seasons riding pants, but they were so bulky that I felt almost detached from the bike, like I couldn't really feel her underneath me. A space suit is not idealistic for a motorcycle gear because you want to be able to feel how the bike is moving so you can move with it of course, but jeans and leather pants just don't provide enough protection against the road.
    These pants are seriously perfect for both sides of the spectrum. They're Kevlar lined and have strong knee armor- even come with pockets for hip armor - making them some of the most protective riding pants out there, but they're also skin forming and this enough to feel the bike underneath you and leave you flexible enough to make the moves you need to make. I was even able to do yoga in them at the rest stops!
    But I have to say, the best thing about them was how the held up in the cold rain. I wore them on a long trip just a few weeks ago up in Washington state, and although my upper body and feet were freezing in the cold down pour that we had to ride for hours in, my legs were perfectly comfortable and probably even my saving grace. They kept me warm and I couldn't even feel the rain! They're great to walk around in and were the only pair of pants I brought on my two week trip and never once wished I had some jeans to switch into.
    At a women only motorcycle rally, I got numerous comments on how cute they were and many girls who said they were buying a pair as soon as they got home.
    Truly love this pair!
    Now if only there was a body suit...'

  28. comfy and good looking :)

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Aug 2015

    i ordered a size 6 which was to small, (i wear a european size 36/38) so i ordered a size 8 which is perfect.
    fits like a normal legging only thicker fabric and more layers. really soft and comfy.
    only thing is; i'm 5'9 and it is really short for me. doesnt reach my ankles. (i wear boots so i doesnt really matter)

  29. Comfortable and Protected

    Posted by Heidi (North Wales, UK) on 29th Jul 2015

    I have been looking for a product like this for many years - i am not a petite girl and I ordered size 20 US and I can safely say this is the best bike gear I have ever owned. Very very pleased with them and great for us larger ladies - a bit of comfort and they look good too and not bulky like most bike gear, I could wear these all day long - safe riding everyone. Service was excellent, I sent a couple of emails about sizing and delivered to UK within a week. Off out for a ride now !

  30. Excellent Motorcycle Pants For Sure!!

    Posted by Ronke on 4th Jul 2015

    I Truly love this leggings. I am big on motorcycle safety and to couple that with women's fashion is outstanding. Kevlar in my leggings?!! No one even knows that there is knee armor in the leggings. As a larger size woman, I am very happy they had my size . Currently I ride with the GoGo Gear hoodie and the Leggings pant. I also like that the leggings have belt loops for a belt if you want.

    I will be purchasing another pair of leggings, for sure. They look good even when not on the bike. If you get these leggings, you will not regret it.

  31. Just Awesome!!!

    Posted by Lisa on 3rd Jun 2015

    My leggings arrived today and I couldn't wait to try them on - talk about comfortable. They fit in all the right places and certainly feel like they will off me the protection if I need it. Hubby had a major motor bike accident 12 months ago and ended up in hospital for 5 months so he is pretty picky about safety gear. He inspected them thoroughly and gave them the thumbs up as well. Am so happy to have found gear that is both stylish and safe that doesn't make me feel like the Michelin man!!!! Looking at getting a hoodie next. Thank you for the fabulous service as well. Shipped to Australia in 4 days

  32. Good looking and protective!

    Posted by val on 26th May 2015

    I bought my leggings for a moto trip from Austin, Tx to Oregon. I am more than halfway there now and the leggings have worked out great. I feel protected knowing that they're Kevlar lined and having knee pads! The knee pads get a little uncomfortable after many hours and days of riding but I just stop and stretch my legs when it gets too bad.
    Awesome product and nice design!

  33. Fit is awesome!

    Posted by MI on 7th May 2015

    Received my plus size Kevlar leggings today!!! Fit is awesome and they look fantastic. Loving these!!! Can't wait to ride tomorrow.

  34. The fit it spot on!

    Posted by CG on 7th May 2015

    Got my Kevlar leggings (size 22) today. Tried them right on. Super easy to get on and the material is comfy! The fit is spot on and did I mention they are comfy? For anyone considering them, go with the GoGo sizing, Arlene knows what she is doing here. I am very high waisted so they feel a little low-rise (I said feel, not that they are grin emoticon ), but I don't ride in a crop top so that won't be a problem. Excellent job again GoGo Gear! I'm now out the door to try them on a ride...

  35. Oh WOW!

    Posted by MD, Hickory, NC on 7th May 2015

    Oh, wow! I got my size 18 armored Kevlar leggings in the mail on Monday, and I am so thrilled with them!
    Here are the reasons why:
    1. They are slim-fitting: no bunching or sagging in the crotch area.
    2. The armor, and the underlayer of Kevlar, are quite substantial. these are serious pants for real riders. I feel a bit unworthy to wear them on my scooter.
    3. The leggings are so attractive that I can easily wear them to work in my office with a cute top and a pair of ankle boots.
    4. The price is incredible when you consider the materials, design and workmanship.
    5. I am 6 feet tall, and they look incredible on me!
    Arlene, will you let me help promote GoGo Gear during my solo Vespa tour this May? I could pass out stickers or whatever you distribute. AND I will be modelling my pants!

  36. Comfotable!

    Posted by Katherine on 5th May 2015

    Took my Kevlar Legging out for their first ride yesterday, and they are so comfortable! I have tried a few different brands of plus size motorcycle pants, and I returned them all because they didn't fit correctly. It was brilliant to make leggings rather than a more structured (traditional) pant, since the leggings will fit a wider variety of people! I have pretty short legs, so I removed the knee armor that kept sliding too low. I still feel much safer knowing the Kevlar is stronger than the jeans I used to wear. I was genuinely surprised at how comfortable they were to ride in, and I guess I never realized how much I had adjusted my jeans along the ride to keep from twisting or bunching. Since I am a year-round, everyday rider, I'll likely get a second pair to rotate!

  37. Look and feel great!

    Posted by Jodie on 11th Apr 2015

    These leggings are comfortable, lightweight (but made well with stretch and support), and fit and look great. So nice to FINALLY have riding gear (with protective Kevlar and knee armor) that is made for a woman!

  38. Fit like a dream

    Posted by Erin H. Halifax, NS, Canada on 13th Mar 2015

    Just wanted to say that my new leggins arrived today, I am am already in love. They fit like a dream, super comfortable and obviously very well made. If ever this damn ice melts up here in Halifax NS I'll take them for a spin and let you know how that goes. Can't wait. Strong work.

  39. I LOVE these leggings!

    Posted by Julie from Australia on 6th Mar 2015

    I have been wearing the GoGo gear leggings since December. I have put my Draggin jeans into retirement. I LOVE these leggings, they are comfortable, sexy and feminine which is a first in women’s riding gear but most important they are protective. They are breathable in the heat, windproof on the cooler mornings and windy days. They wash well and dry quickly. They have not shrunk nor stretched. I have had so many compliments on how good they look and lots of women in our Vespa club can’t wait til they arrive in Melbourne so they can try them on and get their pair. Well done GoGo Gear. Any chance of colors for future runs?

  40. Love these leggings!!

    Posted by Karen Caruso on 3rd Mar 2015

    I've been wearing my GoGo Kevlar leggings for about 2 months now through summer and absolutely love them. They fit great and are extremely comfortable to wear both while riding (supersport bike) and walking around in.

    What I appreciate most about them is the knee armour. I previously wore Draggin jeans when riding about town but always felt very vulnerable around the knee area. Since purchasing my GoGo leggins have not even considered wearing the jeans again.

    These leggins look fantastic on and are designed in a way that the knee armour is well hidden. Finally a truly feminine looking product with great protection!! So glad I'm no longer dressed like a man!
    Very happy with my GoGo Leggings and will definitely buy another pair. Highly recommended.

  41. Best thing since sliced bread!!!

    Posted by Carol Bolin on 2nd Mar 2015

    GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings: These are the most amazing bike pants I've ever had, both on and off the bike. To be able to ride to your desired destination and then comfortably amble around the markets or do a short hike to a glorious waterfall without the bulk of normal riding gear is just sensational. Thank you, thank you, THANKYOU GoGo Gear

  42. finally!!! protective gear that looks great.

    Posted by linda o'connor on 2nd Mar 2015

    From the moment I pulled my new GoGoGear Kevlar leggings on I knew I loved them. The fit is perfect, the fabric is strong without being stiff but firm enough to hold everything where it should be. The armor sits exactly where you want it. There are no excessive seams or sharp stitching that can end up being agonizing on long rides. They feel comfortable enough to walk around in and with the design of the knees stretching effortlessly into a riding position. There are two handy hidden pockets which are not obstructive at all. They fit snugly under riding boots and above all they look absolutely awesome. I've had that many compliments on my leggings it makes me want to wear them every day. Without a doubt the best piece of riding apparel I have ever bought.

  43. Perfect!

    Posted by Emily on 20th Jan 2015

    I am very pleased with the fit of the Kevlar leggings. I am petite 5ft tall and other motorcycle pants were too large on me and extremely long. I am extremely happy with my purchase size 2. They are slimming and I don't look bulky. The slim fit makes me look taller. I look very stylish on my Buddy scooter! And I know I am protected. Well done. I highly recommend others to purchase the leggings.

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